Pointing my affiliate links to a specific E-goi site webpage

When you become an E-goi affiliate, we provide you with a uniquely generated affiliate URL, which you must use whenever you create a link on a webpage to refer people to E-goi's site. This URL is essential for us to track your referrals and process your commissions!

By default your affiliate URL points to the E-goi home page. But what if you want it to point to a specific E-goi webpage (eg. pricing, features, business-specific landing pages, a blog post, etc.)? That's quite simple to do.

For example, suppose you want one of your affiliate-tagged links to bring your visitors to the E-goi email pricing webpage. No problem! Just go to our site's pricing page and copy the page URL.

Then simply create a link on your site with the following URL:

(where [AFF_CODE] is your unique affiliate code)

And that's all there is to it! Visitors in your site who click on the above link will be taken to the E-goi email pricing page and will remain associated with your affiliate code for 90 days! To point your link to another E-goi webpage, just copy that page's URL and add "?aff=" (no quotation marks) followed by your affiliate code.


Can I have an E-goi account sign-up form pop up when referring someone to the E-goi site?

Yes. Just add "&subscribe=open" (no quotation marks) right after your affiliate code. For example:

(where [AFF_CODE] is your unique affiliate code)