Integrating E-goi with Feedburner

Are you using Feedburner to collect your RSS subscribers' emails? You can easily turbocharge it with E-goi and turn Feedburner's vanilla subscription request into a full-blown opt-in form. This allows you to both get extra info from your subscribers (ex. name, email, mailing preferences, etc.) and also auto-send them behaviourally targeted emails and texts! Here how's to go about it:

1) Let's start by moving your current Feedburner email subscribers over into E-goi. This is quite simple to do. Login to Feedburner, go to the "Publicize" tab, hit "Email subscriptions" (left-hand side of the page) and then click "Subscription management". Scroll down the page, click "View subscriber details" and then "Export CSV".

2) Save the CSV file onto your computer. It contains all your Feedburner email subscribers, so let's now import into E-goi. Just follow this how-to.

3) Once you have your current Feedburner emails in your E-goi list, it's time to turn your Feedburner sign-up into an E-goi-powered subscription form! Start by creating an opt-in form in E-goi. When deploying it, select "Iframe" and copy the HTML code we provide.

4) Now go back to your Feedburner account, head over to the "Publicize" tab, hit "Email subscriptions" and then click "Subscription management". Under "Subscription form code", delete the whole HTML code and paste in E-goi's own HTML code you copied in the previous step. Save your changes and you're good to go!

That's all there is to it! From now on, visitors subscribing to your Feedburner RSS feed will see your E-goi sign-up form and be sent any autoresponders you have previously setup in E-goi! You can also use E-goi to email all your followers (or a subset of them) anytime you need.