I'm using an old E-goi Plan. What should I do now?

It's true! E-goi has increasingly grown, it has more and better features now, it's more user friendly and, very soon, it will also have new plans more tailored to your real needs.

But... what happens to those who have an old plan?
And if you prefer one of the new plans, how can you change it?
Find the answers to those questions in this article :)


How can I keep using my old plan?

If you're already an E-goi client, you could be in one of these situations:

You want to keep using your current balance or your monthly plan:
Nothing changes in this case :)
Just keep your balance/plan activated and updated.
You will only need to switch to a new plan if the old one expires.

You need a different plan:
If you need a higher or a lower plan, then you should switch to a new plan.


How can I switch from an old plan to a new one?

Very simple, you just need to go either for an upgrade or a downgrade in your account.
Then, you'll be able to choose one of the new plans and customise it to fulfill your business needs.