Switching from MailChimp to E-goi

Looking to switch from MailChimp to E-goi? :)

We have two possible ways to do it, so that you can switch right away!


You can send us your contact details and we'll do it for you!

Just fill in this form. Then we'll walk you through it :)




Alternatively, you can follow this step by step.

If you prefer to do it by yourself, just follow this guide that we've prepared for you.

By doing this migration you'll be able to import your contact lists!

But ... what about your campaigns, forms and automations? At the end of this guide you'll find out how to keep them in E-goi as well.


How to import contact lists?

Basically, you only need to export the list from MailChimp and then import it into E-goi.


- Exporting contact lists from MailChimp

If you've never have done this before, just follow this MailChimp tutorial.

In there, you'll find out how to export lists, segments and tags from your MailChimp account.

Don't forget! You should only export your active contacts to ensure your emails are correctly delivered.


- Importing contact lists to E-goi

Once you have the contact list exported from MailChimp, you only need to import it to E-goi:


1) Hit the "Contacts" menu, click "View all" (on the left-sided menu). Then select "Create list" in the top right corner. Fill in the fields with your details and click "Create list".


2) In the new page, select "Import excel or CSV file". Then choose the exported file and click "Open".


3) The file will be opened and, before proceeding, you should map each field according to their content - see how to do it here.

After selecting each field, click "Begin import".

And that's all there is to it!



Can I import campaigns?

Doing a campaign import directly is not possible.

However, you have two options to avoid disposing of all your hard work:

1) You can copy the campaign's HTML code in your MailChimp account and paste it in the HTML Editor of our Advanced Editor.

This can be done with "Completed" Mailchimp campaigns and it can be useful to keep the campaign's layout or other items in place.

To do it, open the campaign in your MailChimp account, then click "HTML Source" and copy the entire HTML Code.


Then you just need to paste that HTML code in our editor.

And you're ready to go!


2) Alternatively, you can recreate or create from scratch your campaigns by using our super intuitive Email Builder.



Can I import my forms?

This functionality is not available in MailChimp.

But we have good news, you can create your form in E-goi! :)



Can I import my automations?

Automations need to be created from scratch.

In E-goi you can create them by using Autobots. Have a look at all the triggers and actions that you can use to define your sequences.