Exporting my mailing lists

We've made it really simple:

1) Head over to the "Lists" menu and hit "Contacts" of the list you want to export.

2) A page displaying all contacts in that list will show up. Simply click the "Export" button (bottom right corner) and choose your file format. The file will then be downloaded to your computer.

Your file will have the same data columns as the ones visible in your list. If you'd like all of them to be included, tick the "All columns" option.


Exporting a segment in your list

Even easier! Just follow the steps above, making sure to load your desired segment before hitting "Export".


What if my list or segment is very large?

We'll export it in the background and email it over to you when done. And yes, you can keep using E-goi in the meantime :) .

E-goi also stores all your exports. To fetch any of them, just go to the "Lists" menu and hit "Actions" of the list you exported.