What happened to the free 5001 plan?

It's been put to rest. You now have a 30-day trial so you can really put E-goi through its paces! :-)

Yeah, the 5001 plan was free, but severely cut down. That's why we decided to grant you access to all E-goi features for one full month! This should be enough to give you a taster of the amazing things E-goi can do for your business. Once the trial is over, just choose from one of our plans to keep using your account.


I went for E-goi because I saw a video, ad or blog post about your free plan. What are my options now?

We asked our users to stop referring the free plan after sunsetting it, but as we don't have control over this you may still find some 5001-centric videos and ads.

Even with no free option, E-goi still features all the cool things that made you go "wow" - a paid plan brings you even more perks: email templates, automation, omnichannel (email, SMS, ads, web push, etc.), dedicated support and we can even take care of any tech configs for you! Starter pricing is as low as it gets (less than what you pay for two pizzas) and you can cancel any time if needed!


I really, really want it free (sniff). Will you ever bring back a free plan?

We're looking into it. Fancy exclusive access as soon as it's ready for testing? Get your early-bird special here :-)