How to create posts for Instagram

It's very simple to publish on social media with E-goi.

Naturally, we could not leave Instagram out of the scenery. You just need to check some details in your account and posting page.



How should an Instagram account be configured?

You must ensure these 2 steps:

  • Having a Business account (i.e. personal and creator accounts do not allow this integration). Find out more by clicking here.
  • The account must be connected to a Facebook page. See how to do it, here.
    Although you need to have Instagram connected to Facebook, the posts you create will not be published simultaneously on both platforms. Posts will only be published on the social networks you choose when creating the social post.



How to create a social post campaign for Instagram?

Have you prepared your account following the details above? Now you just need to follow the usual step by step.

Remember that Instagram posts must always have an image, so don't forget yours ;-)